Big Ten Bowling Tournament this Weekend!

We had the flyer at the picnic but I wanted to follow-up to see if anyone else was interested in joining us for the Big Ten Bowling Tournament this Sunday (August 28) from 1-4PM.

The tournament will be held at AMF Mardi Gras at 4800 Madison –

Cost is $10 per person for three hours of bowling (which includes shoes).  Please contact me directly at if you want to join us.

For the Glory!

PS We came in second place to Iowa (yes Iowa) two years ago. It would be nice to beat those guys…

Sacramento Chapter Highlighted in Alumni Insider “Frenemy” Article

In the most recent Alumni Insider article our chapter was highlighted for its involvement in Big Ten activities.,bb30DVks

Our chapter is mentioned towards the bottom of the article.  As you know, the BigTen picnic is coming up on Sunday June 5th at 11am.  Click here for details and don’t forget to RSVP to me directly!

PS We were also contacted by the University about the SPCA event a few weeks ago and I expect us to get a write-up if not a picture of the volunteers in an upcoming Alumni Insider for that event!