Call for New Leaders!

Call for New Leaders!

Over the past five years it has been an honor to serve this great chapter. Like many of you, I’m not from here, and it is this group, whether at Players, a RiverCats game, or one of our homes for a football party, that reminds me of home in Happy Valley. And like our alma mater, this group also occasionally needs new leadership and fresh ideas. I believe we have taken it as far as we can, and at the end of this year it will be time for others to come forward and take up the blue and white banner. I will still be around to help in a sort of president emeritus capacity, as Doug Barbin has been for me. 

When I took over this gig in 2014, I was fresh out of law school and newly married. But now my wife and I have three little boys and a continually shrinking supply of available bandwidth. I hope you can understand my decision to pass the baton.

This is not a difficult job but a great and rewarding opportunity, one that has benefited me greatly. If you’re interested, contact me. If you’re curious, but not necessarily interested, contact me. If you’re lonely and want to talk about football, contact me. My email is and my phone is (717) 891-7155.

For the Glory, 
Class of 2005

We look forward to a time when we can get together again and share a tub of nachos and a plate of deviled eggs. 

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