PSU Sacramento 2015 Football Viewing

All signs point to this being a good year for Penn State football. Christian Hackenberg is expected to return to his 2013 success. The offensive line looks stronger. The defense is primed to once again be one of the best in the country.
We have several events scheduled so far for the season. The Henkels are hosting this Saturday’s opening game versus Temple at their home in Elk Grove. Kickoff is at noon on Sept. 5 at 4604 Elliot Ranch Road (Beaver Stadium West). All are welcome. Take a look at the flyer below for more details.
We also have the Eschleman family hosting the Indiana game on October 10 in Sacramento, the Sebrings hosting the Ohio State game on October 17 in El Dorado Hills, and the Sanders family hosting the Michigan game on November 21 in El Dorado Hills. Check our website and facebook page for updates as those dates come closer – &
As for the rest of the games, the default meeting place is always Players Pub in Fair Oaks. However, if you would like to host a game or suggest a different sports bar to try as a group, let me know ( or (717) 891-7155)).
So mark your calendars and get out your gear. It’s football time!
Success with Honor,
Jeremy K. Heebner
Class of 2005
PSU v. Temple

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