We are… Helping the Community!

One of my favorite quotes from Joe Paterno gets repeated in February when Dance Marathon occurs and millions of dollars are raised for children with cancer. The quote is “When we say ‘We Are… Penn State’ THIS is what they’re talking about!”

While we haven’t raised millions for such a cause, make no mistake, this chapter makes it mark on the community. For the second year in a row we have sponsored a local family for Thanksgiving who could otherwise not afford dinner. And this year we out-did ourselves with three boxes of food and $400 for the family. Please see the below note from Renee Van Heuit and HUGE thanks to her and all of you who helped this year!

Hi, everyone –

Well, Thanksgiving is over and “our family” was treated beyond all expectations. Your generosity was fantastic and brought tears to the eyes of the mother and a friend who was visiting. Wish you all could have been there!

I delivered the “goods” and gift card on Mon. The final total was 3 full cartons of goods and $400.00 for the gift card. I’m so proud of our club and those of you who were willing to be so giving. When the final total was determined, I had thoughts that perhaps next year, with this degree of generosity, we could support two families. Something to think about!!

Hope you all had as special a Thanksgiving as our family did!

Thanks again for being a great group. But what else could we be when ……..WE ARE……………………!!


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